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The closest to bay you’ll ever be.

Gracefully nestled on golden sands and openly poised along the water’s edge, Mesca’s Serviced Cabanas are an exclusive invitation to experience bay-front beauty and beyond from the comfort of your own living room. Blending nature-inspired design with contemporary simplicity, your life here oozes with an island-chic vibe, complemented by signature hotel luxuries, year-round.

Limited For the true few

Ideal for sunbathing or stargazing anytime of the year, Mesca’s Serviced Cabanas invite a hand-picked community to share authentic feelings of calm, as well as direct freedom to revel in the serenity of expansive bay views. Borrowing raw punctuations from nature, each cabana is characterized by large window facades and streamlined wooden beams to invite bay beauty inside, while boasting sleek wooden decks with minimalistic seating for reflection or recreation -whichever mood strikes-.

Artfully designed with you in mind

Inspired by its spellbinding surroundings, every aspect of Mesca Cabins is an ode to natural simplicity, breaking down the optimum in raw beauty before residents to paint a harmonious canvas of soothing colors, fluid textures and larger than life bay vibes.

Front Row Views | Exteriors

Soothing Corners | Inspired Interior



Mesca Components

  1. Mesca Cabanas-Phase 1 (Sold Out)
  2. Mesca Cabanas-Phase 2



Cabana Components

Gross area

68.4 m2

Unit area

56.7 m2


17.2 m2

Total indoor net area

39.5 m2

Total outdoor net area

17.2 m2

Living area

4.2x3 m2


5.2x2.6 m2


3.2x2.7 m2


1.85x2.75 m2

disclaimer 1.Drawings are not to scale. 2.The architectural details, dimensions and area in this plan are based on Schematic Design information only, and final As-Built conditions may vary. 3.All units are sold as unfurnished apartments, without furniture and furnishings, without white goods provisions, etc. 4.All images used are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual size, features, specifications, fittings, and furnishings. 5.Somabay reserves the right to make revisions/alterations, at its absolute discretion, and without liability.

Home is where two worlds become one. Experience an exclusive world where bay-front living blends in absolute harmony.

With world-class hospitality to dictate a signature lifestyle enjoyed above & below Somabay’s mesmerizing sea.

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